10 Must Have Beauty Product

There are a few essential things that we all girls have to keep us looking good, feeling good and to basically have an all rounded representation of ourselves. Let’s face it, we are a little vain one way or another and dont feel bad. It’s a good quality to have to keep all that chaos and havoc on the inside, order and perseverance on the outside.

So if this your first time venturing in to the low-key warpaint world, here are 10 make-up products that’s handy in this hustlin bustlin life.



Now, trends come and go, but we all can agree that mascara is forever. It’s a wand that waves more than just black cream that lengthens, thickens and tints your eyelash, it’s bibbidi bobbidi boo magic. One wave and you got yourself a Daisy Duck fluttering eyelash all over the place.


You never forget a first time. Be it in hot red, creamy nude, plunging purple or pretty in pink. Wearing a plain white t-shirt with jeans? Slap some hot red in there. Glamming up in sparkles? Throw in some creamy nude, and the lipstick affair doesn’t stop there


What is eyeliner to you? For most of us, it is fundamental in our make- up bags. Granted, eyeliner can be a pain in the butt, you gotta always take that little focus to just create that perfect wing. But if looks could kill, your cat eye is the weapon.


It’s safe to say that blusher is a must have to wake up dull skin. You can never go wrong when all you really need is a pop of rosy pink on that pretty cheeks.


This brown-ish, subtle shimmer, warm powder could create the quickest route to having a natural glow! So fear no more, girls. We don’t have to walk out the house looking like a daytime dracula yeaaah.


Brows has become the most hyped beauty obsession of the decade. So without pencil, gel, wax or powder to shape that perfect arch, we’d end up walking around with a .. yet to be trendy unibrows. But we’re not into that are we, sis?


Yeah, we all know. Being in this time and age having enough sleep is a luxury we just can’t afford. And the outcome of that are dark circles, lines, break out, blemishes, you name it. Pop this up in your make-up bag, put it on and you got yourself a free out-of-laughingstock card.

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