SWG Story Restaurant Marketing Expert

Is Your Business Reaching New Customers
From 4500 – 7500 searches are made every day in Malaysia. People are looking for restaurants, catering or cafes’ in their area.

If your business is not showing up. You are losing customers.
We can help you achieve great results for Instagram. Gain access to Malaysia influencers.
Our team will handle all the messages and comments.
Quality photos taken by professionals.
Let us handle your promotions. Optimised for better results.

Content that convert sales

SWG Story Restaurant Marketing Expert provides you with the best content creator in the town. Our content team understand the industry and will create creative contents that will help you convert more. We try to make contents simple yet creative. Leverage your business in Malaysia with a us.

Photography & Commercials

SWG Story Restaurant Marketing Expert offers you our professional photographers. We help showcase your recipes on social media channels and website. Our team is experienced in food photography and know the creative angles and perfect lighting to pop up your recipes.


Connect with the top influencers in Malaysia. Our Influencers are based in Malaysia and post comprehensive reviews. Thousands of people read these reviews and shoutouts that reflects towards your business sales. Need an influencer to visit your store? Contact us now!

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